Video Campaigns That Drive Results

Video Campaigns That Drive Results

Trying to expand your reach, but getting lost in the noise?

Your Story Deserves to Stand Out

But in a digital world overflowing with content, how do you ensure you’re remembered? How do you expand your reach so you can expand your impact?

It’s simple, but not easy

Stop doing what everyone else is doing. Traditional approaches yield traditional results. It’s time for a change in strategy. It’s time to shift strategies and embrace empathetic storytelling.

Here's How

Create Empathy

“You Get Me. I Feel Seen.”

Begin by understanding our audience, who they are, and what matters to them. By speaking directly to where they are at we build trust, loyalty, and credibility. When we see others first, we earn the right to be seen.

Illuminate Your Message

“I hear what you’re saying & why it matters to me.”

We earn the right to be heard by clearly connecting our message to the world of our audience. Their desires need to authentically align with what we have to say, or we’ve missed our mark.

Invite Engagement

“I want to participate in your solution.”

And by addressing the real, relatable struggles our audience has, we invite our audience to make the internal shift that inspires action.

Empathy Strikes a Chord

Stop struggling to create content that drives results. Take the empathetic approach to build trust, loyalty, and credibility in the hearts of your audience. Empathy strikes a chord in the heart and sparks action in the world – regardless of the medium you use.

Let's talk

If video is your medium of choice, let’s talk about how Into The Light Creative can help can help grow your reach and amplify your impact.

What people are saying...


Levi Rogers
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Ryan is an incredible director and truly handles a project with an unmatched expertise and kind leadership.
Cyndy Sherwood
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I want to thank you for all you did to make our project a great success. You went above and beyond in so many ways and I truly appreciate it. I’m thrilled with the results.
Alex Wilkerson
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I’ve worked with Ryan and seen a consistent output of work with a persistently impressive level of professionalism and captivating content over the course of years.
Marvin Harrel
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Ryan is the real deal. His heart is genuine and the attention he pays to the person in front of him is not hindered by a camera lens. His technical skill is world-class and his expertise provides brand clarity through visual storytelling excellence.
Devon Lyon
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Ryan has always exceeded our expectations. He comes prepared, is talented, and goes the extra mile.
Sean Brown
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Ryan’s knowledge of his craft is second to none. I enjoyed working with him on set, he was helpful and professional. He knows how to keep moving and when problems arise he handles them in a timely manner. I would hire him again.
Angie Stone
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I continue to be impressed with Ryan’s planning, focus, leadership and teamwork. It’s a joy to work with you, keep up the great work!
Lisa Faust
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Ryan is a dedicated professional who works with grace and purpose. He has shown to be an amazing resource and takes on tasks or client engagement with a positive approach.
Joe Connors
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Ryan is tenacious in his care for clients. He naturally exhibits a relentless pursuit of excellence and creating the most positive experiences for clients.